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Text A Job (

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Youve subscribed to ringtones.  Now you can spend €30 a month on jobs

A new jobs website hit the market over the last few weeks.  The site is

Free job posting seems to be par for the course these days. (insert shameless plug for and here)

Recruitment agencies can post their jobs to for free.  It is the job seekers that pay for this service.

It costs €1 per text alert received by a job seeker (to a maximum of €30 per month). People who sign up for the text service only receive texts for the categories they sign up for.  This is about as targeted as it is possible to make a service like this without doing it manually every time a job is posted.

For instance, if I sign up for Healthcare/Medical jobs I will receive txt alerts for Pharmacists, Nurses, Medical Sales Reps etc.  I am unlikely to be all of these things.

I’m wondering how many job seekers are willing to spend €30 a month to get access to jobs.

Searching the website itself is straightforward enough.  When you get to the part where you would normally apply for the job though there is a sting attached.  It will cost you €1 euro to get the application details.

Given that most (if not all) of those same jobs are available free of charge to job seekers on multiple job boards, I’m really not sure if the convenience of having them delivered by text rather than RSS or email (many mobiles are now able to handle both)  is worth €30 a month.

It is certainly a bold move, Competition in the job site market huge.

Survival of the obvious

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Twitter becomes more useful to recruiters by integrating with Linkedin

What has the recession taught us?  We went from times of plenty to something approaching mass hysteria in 0.6 seconds flat.  It gave us all a bit of a scare.  More than that; it killed a few agencies completely.

Why have the other recruitment agencies survived?  For most it was a combination of factors.

Recruitment takes place on the internet.  That’s a sweeping statement but largely true.  It is more imperative than ever to be visible online.

We have so many new tools at our disposal too.  Twitter, Linkedin, Blogging, Forums, Facebook.  No longer are we confined to our own websites and a few job boards.  Now we can grow networks and interlink them too.

Linkedin - Facebook in a suit!

How many of you have linked up your twitter job posts to your linkedin status?  That way every time you post a job it goes directly to Twitter, and from there to your Linkedin status (which of course gets sent in status update messages to all your contacts!).  Fantastic.  From posting one job you can have it reach hundreds or even thousands without even having to touch on the number of people the job boards reach.

I knew twitter was good for something!

I’ve drifted a bit from my “Survival of the obvious” heading.  The point is that if you do not make yourself blindingly obvious as a recruiter then you are behind the curve.

If you are not utilising all the great new tools we have then you are trading in a backstreet instead of the main street.

Good marketing is all about visibility and getting your name out there.  If we get it wrong we won’t survive.  How high does your website rank for your chosen keywords?  Who are internet searchers finding first?  If you are not in the first three results of an internet search you are losing out in a big way.

A little investment in Search Engine Optimisation pays for itself.  A little time invested into social media is the best free marketing you can get.