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Job Vacancy Numbers Stabilise

Monday, January 25th, 2010 have announced that the number of job vacancies advertised on their site has stabilised.

The current number of jobs on the IrishJobs site is about 16,000.  This is down from 45,000 in the midst of the Celtic Tiger years.

Sectors that are showing signs of recovery are:

  • Accountancy
  • Banking
  • IT
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Medical
  • Sales

None of these sectors are at anything like the strength they were once at, but the fact that the free fall in job vacancy numbers has halted is good news.  Reports from agencies also indicates a return towards some economic growth in 2010.

Another recruitment agency in examinership case

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Friday will be a tough day for one recruitment agency.  They face a day in the high court for an examinership case.  It seems that winning a National Recruitemnt Federation award for one of the “Best in Sector” categories is not enough to save some agencies from the ravages of the recession.

It is a sign that competition in the Recruitment Industry is hotter than ever.  Obviously I don’t know the ins and outs of it all.  My personal view is that the particular agency had not placed enough emphasis into their online presence.  I know it is a pet topic of mine, but while advertising in national media is great, it no longer has the same effect as a good presence on Google.

Search engine optimisation is no longer a nice thing to do that has some beneficial effects on a business.  It is absolutely vital in a market as competitive as recruitment.  In fact, it is absolutely vital for all Irish business.

Here is a simple rule: If it appears above you in google get your name on it!

(Of course that is not always possible.  But where it is, and your competition are there….)

While some of the agencies that have floundered over the past year can be put down to bad management or sharp practices, to see a recruitment agency that has been recognised for good practice in trouble is unsettling.

Webshed would like to wish the agency in question luck over the coming months.

Survival of the obvious

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Twitter becomes more useful to recruiters by integrating with Linkedin

What has the recession taught us?  We went from times of plenty to something approaching mass hysteria in 0.6 seconds flat.  It gave us all a bit of a scare.  More than that; it killed a few agencies completely.

Why have the other recruitment agencies survived?  For most it was a combination of factors.

Recruitment takes place on the internet.  That’s a sweeping statement but largely true.  It is more imperative than ever to be visible online.

We have so many new tools at our disposal too.  Twitter, Linkedin, Blogging, Forums, Facebook.  No longer are we confined to our own websites and a few job boards.  Now we can grow networks and interlink them too.

Linkedin - Facebook in a suit!

How many of you have linked up your twitter job posts to your linkedin status?  That way every time you post a job it goes directly to Twitter, and from there to your Linkedin status (which of course gets sent in status update messages to all your contacts!).  Fantastic.  From posting one job you can have it reach hundreds or even thousands without even having to touch on the number of people the job boards reach.

I knew twitter was good for something!

I’ve drifted a bit from my “Survival of the obvious” heading.  The point is that if you do not make yourself blindingly obvious as a recruiter then you are behind the curve.

If you are not utilising all the great new tools we have then you are trading in a backstreet instead of the main street.

Good marketing is all about visibility and getting your name out there.  If we get it wrong we won’t survive.  How high does your website rank for your chosen keywords?  Who are internet searchers finding first?  If you are not in the first three results of an internet search you are losing out in a big way.

A little investment in Search Engine Optimisation pays for itself.  A little time invested into social media is the best free marketing you can get.

No Recession!

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Join the facebook page, buy the stickers.  Lets put an end to this recession!

As the UK and the US show the first “green shoots” of recovery from the recession, why is it that Ireland does not seem to be following suit?

The answer lies in the approach to our economy and indeed the mindset of each of us as citizens of Ireland.  In general our approach to the recession has been to baton down the hatches.  First companies entered a rigorous phase of cost cutting – including redundancies, then came a period of holding tight.

As I remember from school economics – if a company is not growing it is dying.  So perhaps no surprise that once again a recruitment agency has appeared on the list of creditors meetings.

Is it just the government and corporate Ireland that are propagating a prolonged recession?

Not at all.  It is all our own fault.  Every single one of us.  We have gone from spend, spend, spend to save, save, save over the course of a few short months.  I say save, save, save but that does not apply to the newly redundant.

What would happen if we spent a little more?  Not just one or two of us, but all of us.  I’m not implying that we should go crazy and spend beyond our means.  But what if we all bought a mars bar from our local shop rather than keeping the money in our pockets?  What effect would that have?

One mars bar… not a lot.  But lots of mars bars (or any other product for that matter) and things would start to look up for our local shop keepers, then for the staff of that shop, who would in turn be able to spend more comfortably, safe in the knowledge that their job is not under as much threat.

Get that extension done now (you won’t find better value from builders than right now), buy the car you were saving for, invest in expanding your business.  In that way we can actually spend ourselves out of the worst of the recession.

The alternative is to keep doing as we seem to be doing as a nation.  Spend nothing, keep our belts uncomfortably tight.  The result of that… more and deeper recession.  That shop keeper doesn’t get any mars bar sales, he has to let go another staff member, who puts further tax burden onto those of us who are left with jobs.  That staff member can’t spend any more because benefits do not leave anything to spend.

I started a facebook page called NO RECESSION! become a fan.  Add your comments, start discussions and perhaps we can make a difference to Irelands recovery.  You can also buy stickers with your company logo on them.  All profits will be donated to the ISPCC because children suffer more than anybody when recession strikes.  Own branded stickers cost €148 for 250  or €218 for 500