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Online Marketing

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Announcing the New Online Marketing Forum.  We are shouting about our latest resource for you.

Online Marketing is the life blood of recruitment agencies.  There is a massive thirst for knowledge out there.  To try and meet that demand Webshed have created a Online Marketing Forum.

The forum has boards for SEO, Online and offline marketing, Social Media, and PR.  The idea is that it will provide a place to ask questions in an anonymous manner.

SEO is a huge area in itself, and since SEO, Marketing, PR and Social Media all tie together, we at Webshed prefer to use the term holistic SEO.  The forum is broken into sections, but for a really good online presence all of the sections should be married together.

The Online Marketing Forum is very new.  As a result there little activity on it.  This will change.  I have just begun actively marketing the forum, and over the next few weeks it will see a spike in activity.  If you have a question or a comment do not be afraid to be the first to post.  After all, every forum has to start somewhere!

The Online Marketing Forum should be a good resource for recruiters who want to learn how to build both their own brand and the company brand online.  It is not just recruiters who will benefit.  Anybody with an online business can use the forum and benefit from free advice.

It is your forum, and will be very much user led.  Enjoy it.  Visit the Online Marketing Forum at

Garda Strike Possible

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Will the army get the Garda Bikes if they have to take over from a striking police force?

It looks like it might be a job for the army!  The GRA (Garda Representatives Association) have announced that they will be balloting members about possible industrial action.  This comes despite the fact that Gardai are prevented from striking by law.

Some may fear anarchy, but we can rest assured that the army will be called in.  My only question… Will the Garda bikes be used by the army?

Seriously though, are we really going to end up with Soldiers taking to the street, giving tourists directions and issuing parking tickets?  I can see the countries criminal classes feelings being divided into two camps; those that would look forward to the crime spree, and those who would rather the law enforcement not have rpg’s and m16’s.