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Text a Job ( Jobs to your mobile phone.

I previously wrote a post about Ireland’s only free-to-advertise text alert job board (Text a Job).  They offer jobs to your mobile phone via text alerts.

In the piece I wrote before I remarked that a job seeker would be likely to receive lots of jobs that were not suitable for them.  This was because the categories were very broad.  I am delighted to report that this has been addressed in a significant manner.  They have added a further 22 categories, meaning that subscribers to a specific category will have less flotsam to contend with.  This is a very welcome development.

Of course, how relevant jobs are to the user will be highly significant when it comes to people retaining the service on their phones, so it makes good business sense.

TxtAjob have also stated that stale and repeated jobs will also be automatically removed.  This has been a problem for all the job boards.  As we entered the recession it got particularly bad, with fake job postings and multiple versions of the same job advertised.  This was often in an effort to make an agency look like they had more jobs than were actually available.  TxtAjob are actively removing any instances.  The other job board to tackle this was, who moved to a credits system like Monster last year.

It would seem that txtAjob have gained quite a few agencies as advertisers, but also have companies advertising too.  I know that they have integrated with eRecruit to make job posting easier for agencies that use that service.

TxtAjob have also been advertising fairly heavily.  They are running campaigns on Newstalk and on FM104, where they are also sponsoring FM104’s job finder spot.

Competing in the job board market is not easy, and txtAjob seem to be doing a good job of it.  Since advertising jobs is free it makes sense to post jobs with them, particularly with the media coverage they are currently receiving.

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2 Responses to “ Update”

  1. Sean says:

    I would really worry about this service, They could send an email for FREE!! The wastage would still be huge, and getting the unemployed to pay for this service just does not fit. 160 words? what type of job spec could they upload. Back to the drawing board i think. The revenue model is not right.

  2. Recruitment Writer says:

    I was thinking the same way as you originally Sean. Then I started seeing the advantages of the model.

    The real advantage of txtAjob for the job seeker is that they get targeted jobs nearly instantly. As soon as a job is posted they know about it, no matter where they may be.

    The text messages look like this..

    Artic/Tanker Driver Required
    Co. Cork.EC+Hazchem Licence.
    To get contact info on this
    job reply `YES ut97`. To
    unsub text STOP to 57003

    All follow up texts are free. The text alert is just to let you know that the job exists and to give you the option of finding out more, much like jobs posted on Twitter. When you think about the old job seeking model of buying a paper and trawling through it for jobs that may or may not be in your area I can see the allure of a service that does the work for you.

    You get near-instant alerts for jobs that are in your field only on a medium that you will have with you all the time.

    Yes there are free services, the cost for textAjob is for convenience and speed. TxtAjob have also just brought out Irelands first mobile phone Application.

    The cost is clearly not putting people off. They are getting over 100 new subscribers a day. Of course, if there are no jobs in your category then you are paying nothing. I think it’s a hugely interesting development and one that the established job boards will be watching closely.