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Online Marketing Jobs Dublin Ireland

December 5th, 2013

One of Webshed’s clients is creating a new SEO / Online Marketing Executive position based in West Dublin.

If you are passionate about SEO and online marketing in general, then this could be the job for you. This is not an intern position, it is a fantastic opportunity to work in one of the leading e-commerce companies in their sector.

For a full job description please visit

NRF Awards 2012…the winners are…

January 15th, 2013

The winners of the 2012 National Recruitment Federation (NRF) awards were:

  • Best Agency Online Service - Jackie Brown Medical
  • Recruitment Consultant of the Year – David Gillick – Harvey Nash
  • Best In Practice (Healthcare) – CPL Healthcare
  • Best in Practice (Accounting & Finance) - Quest
  • Best in Practice (Office & Secretarial) – Sigmar
  • Best in Practice (IT & Telecoms) – Stelfox & Sigmar Recruitment
  • Best in Practice (Hotel & Catering) – Noel Recruitment
  • Best in Practice (Light Industrial) – Noel Recruitment
  • Best in Practice (Sales & Marketing) – Sigmar
  • Best in Practice (Technical Engineering & Science) – Parc Aviation
  • Best in Practice (in a specialism) – The Production People
  • Agency of the Year (less than 30 staff) – Stelfox
  • Agency of the Year (30 staff or more) – Sigmar Recruitment
  • NRF Cert RP Graduates of the year: Niall Harris – Blueprint Appointments, Andrea Sheridan & Michelle Ryan – FRS Recruitment, Aoife Berrigan – CPL, Mark Mitchell – Grad Ireland, Carol Viega CMSE.

Every year the standard goes up and up. Judges commented that it has got harder to select winners due to both the increase in entries and the quality of those submissions.

It appears that recruitment in Ireland has turned a corner and adapted for the most part to the changing economic landscape.

Congratulations to all the winners of the awards this year.

Salary Survey 2012

January 20th, 2012

2012 Salary Survey Released by Morgan McKinley

Morgan Mckinley have released the results of their 2012 Salary Survey.

The Salary Survey covers hiring and salary trends in the following sectors:

  • accountancy and finance Salaries
  • financial services Salaries
  • HR Salaries
  • IT Salaries
  • Legal Salaries
  • Sales & Marketing Salaries
  • Technical Salaries
  • Customer service Salaries
  • Secretarial & office support Salaries

The report confirms that the outlook is set to be very conservative for 2012 with the odd exception, such as the IT sector where growth looks relatively promising.

Download the full Salary Survey

The Salary report is based on the input of 584 senior managers across the sectors in the list above.

Prosperity win Eircom spider award. . . Again

November 11th, 2011

Congratulations to the team at Prosperity for winning an Eircom Spider Award.

Prosperity’s win was for “best listings site”. Prosperity were the only recruitment agency to be short listed this year. With attention on the NRF awards, it is in some ways surprising that more recruitment agencies did not go for the Spiders too.

Well done again for a job well done prosperity. Clearly happiness does work!

Website revamps for the recruitment awards

October 21st, 2011

Medical Jobs recruitment Agency Jackie Brown Medical have completely relaunched their website in time for the Recruitment Industry Awards, 3Q have been making progress with their SEO efforts this week.  It seems that awards time is a really good thing for the recruitment industry as everybody pulls out all the stops to get them one of the coveted awards.

Has anybody noticed any other major changes? Leave a comment and I will add to this article if you have any news or have made any changes to your recruitment website.

Recruitment Industry Awards Deadline

October 13th, 2011

NRF awards 2011The deadline for submissions to this years NRF Recruitment Industry Awards is 5pm tomorrow.  Any agency wishing to participate would need to think about using a courier if they want to enter.

The National Recruitment Federation awards are THE highlight of the recruitment year.  While recruitment agencies watch each other continually, the awards offer a real mark of how well agencies are doing in relation to their competition.

This years Recruitment Industry Awards will be held on 25th November at the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin.  The awards are sponsored by The Irish Independent.

Good luck to all participants.

Recruitment Update

February 9th, 2011

I have been very quiet for a long time on the subject of recruitment.  A lot has happened in my absence.  There have been recruitment agency deaths, takeovers and consolidations.  I don’t want to focus on the negatives too much.  There is far too much of that going around.

I am writing this post just to announce what I will be up to for the next while.

Return to free job posting imminent

I had started a free job board, but stopped the process part way through.  I will be re-visiting and some other job sites.  I will also be re-vamping this site (I think I’ll start with these disgustingly coloured headings – bright green in-case you are reading after I’ve already done it).  If anybody has any suggestions of what they would like to see happen on this site, please drop me a line by commenting on this post or emailing me (see contact page).

Tell us your recruitment news

As always, any news you have on recruitment, good or bad is always appreciated.  I am not beyond a plug or two in this news section.  If you have been innovative or are bucking trends let me know and I’ll help you shout about it.

I have read a lot of posts about how recruitment is changing.  My opinion is that it is only changing in response to the current economic climate.  The job of a recruiter remains the same, it’s just a little tougher than it was 5 years ago.

Recruitment Methods

Certainly there is a change in recruitment methods.  Social media has been widely adopted at this stage, particularly Linkedin.  The hype about social media has died down though.  It is now just another day to day tool for recruiters.  There also seems to have been a bit of a backlash against social media with people preferring to get more personal with their clients/candidates.  While I see social media as integral to recruitment today, I applaud this more personal approach.  I believe it brings about a more professional recruitment service, one that will stand to the industry as a whole going forward.

During the celtic tiger years recruiting was easy and standards across the industry as a whole got a bit sloppy.  Some recruiters were treating recruitment as a numbers game.  The demand for staff allowed for this “fling as many CV’s as you can” approach to succeed to some extent.  This is no longer the case.  Client companies are now able to demand and get the job done that they are paying for.  They can get a smaller list of targeted CV’s that cuts down their own workload.  They can expect recruiters to be able to talk them through each of the CV’s they have sent in.  This is how it should be.

Job Seekers

The quality of job seekers for positions has been becoming increasingly better.  This is due to the larger numbers of highly qualified candidates out there through job loss / insecurity.

The market is tough out there for job seekers.  For recruitment agencies that facilitate emigration business is booming.  There is a general backlash amongst businesses to buck recession trends though.  I have heard a lot of business owners mention the 80’s.  Companies survived through hard times before.  We have had and will have some more tough financial medicine, but there has already been a small return to growth in the exports market.  We may not return to the heady days of the celtic tiger, but business will continue to be done in this country.  It has to be done.  People have to survive, and that means more innovation and more creation.

Online Marketing

February 23rd, 2010

Announcing the New Online Marketing Forum.  We are shouting about our latest resource for you.

Online Marketing is the life blood of recruitment agencies.  There is a massive thirst for knowledge out there.  To try and meet that demand Webshed have created a Online Marketing Forum.

The forum has boards for SEO, Online and offline marketing, Social Media, and PR.  The idea is that it will provide a place to ask questions in an anonymous manner.

SEO is a huge area in itself, and since SEO, Marketing, PR and Social Media all tie together, we at Webshed prefer to use the term holistic SEO.  The forum is broken into sections, but for a really good online presence all of the sections should be married together.

The Online Marketing Forum is very new.  As a result there little activity on it.  This will change.  I have just begun actively marketing the forum, and over the next few weeks it will see a spike in activity.  If you have a question or a comment do not be afraid to be the first to post.  After all, every forum has to start somewhere!

The Online Marketing Forum should be a good resource for recruiters who want to learn how to build both their own brand and the company brand online.  It is not just recruiters who will benefit.  Anybody with an online business can use the forum and benefit from free advice.

It is your forum, and will be very much user led.  Enjoy it.  Visit the Online Marketing Forum at

Returning to Recruitment

February 11th, 2010

Returning to Recruitment can be stressful

Returning to recruitment an easy task? Obviously… evidently not!

After nearly 5 years working in the Recruitment business and a further 17 month stint at “Motherhood”, returning back to the role I love so much would, at first glance, seem the most natural progression to getting yourself  ”back into the workforce”. The excitement of coming back to work and getting right back into the nitty gritty of meeting new people on both sides of the process was endlessly thrilling to me! Afterall… recruitment is recruitment right? Returning to recruitment is now, in 2010, NOT as simple as all that!

The first thing that hits me are words like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and… BLOG? I’m suddenly facing a fullforce training schedule on how to use these things on a day to day basis in my fabulous new recruitment role? You want me to write a what?? So here I am, day 2 and after what seems like a year of fear, here I am writing my first blog and all the time thinking how do I incorporate this into recruitment.. but I am told that everyone does it, so I’ll try my best!

What I face now, which for some reason I am quite looking forward to, is this strange new paper free environment with blogs and Tweets and Status Updates as opposed to “File, Print”! My connections, upon returning to recruitment, will no longer be squeezed into the address book at the back of my diary but rather in the form of Connections in Linkedin! I’ve had a look… admittedly, it looks good so who am I to object!

All in all, returning to recruitment looks good so far. I’m told that my fear of blogs will eventually go away.. eventually!

Job Vacancy Numbers Stabilise

January 25th, 2010 have announced that the number of job vacancies advertised on their site has stabilised.

The current number of jobs on the IrishJobs site is about 16,000.  This is down from 45,000 in the midst of the Celtic Tiger years.

Sectors that are showing signs of recovery are:

  • Accountancy
  • Banking
  • IT
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Medical
  • Sales

None of these sectors are at anything like the strength they were once at, but the fact that the free fall in job vacancy numbers has halted is good news.  Reports from agencies also indicates a return towards some economic growth in 2010.